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LANMIC provides surface modified, high performance ground calcium carbonate, kaolin, and talc, which needs to be carefully tuned with the crucial ingredients like solvents, binders, and additive

Our Ultrafine Calcium Carbonate (W-CARBTM range) is used as an extender to control strength and body of the ink. This filler improves the permeability, brightness, opacity, and the dry hiding.  W-CARBTM range is manufactured using the latest German technology.

WCARB 90 RCTM, is a surface modified ultrafine calcium carbonate which is easily compatible with oil resin, makes the printed matter smooth, with higher dot integrity and better hiding power. This surface modified filler offers a better gloss while reducing cost.

Recommended product ranges:

Coated W CARBTM Range

Surface treated ultra-fine calcium carbonate (D50 below 1 micron), produced utilizing state of the art technology to achieve steady narrow particle size distribution. W CARB range in formulations:

  • Improves dry hiding and Opacity
  • Provides excellent dispersibility

WCTM Range

Kaolin (china clay) which is chemically known as aluminum silicate. It is significant for its naturally available fine particle size and lamellar particle shape. WC range is an ultrafine powder of kaolin processed after a controlled drying process. Incorporating WC range in formulations:

  • Improves dry hiding and opacity
  • Enhance matting
  • Provides gloss control

Coated WCTM Range

  • Improve sheen
  • Better binding properties
  • Maintain color strength
  • Improved dispersibility
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