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LANMIC offers a range of fillers from the standard grades to ultrafine, treated grades; to provide high mechanical, optical and great cost benefit. Calcium carbonate, Calcium magnesium carbonate, kaolin, mica, talc and silica are the mineral solutions provided by LANMIC to the plastic industry.

The Surface treated calcium carbonate is used to improve dispersion and act as a processing aid. It allows high mineral loadings and it is the preferred solution to achieve substantial material cost savings. In most places auxiliary agents and fillers are encapsulated to a palatized form for easy and homogenous mixing of compounds (Master Batches).

Surface treated WCARBTM range is the latest addition to the LANMIC solutions; to produce window and door profiles with higher filler loading along with a superior surface finish.

LANMIC engineered minerals used in rigid plastics add stiffness, improves reinforcing capability and increase production rates as the thermal conductivity improve.

Recommended product ranges:

Calcium Carbonate / Calcium Magnesium Carbonate



Surface treated calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate specially designed:

  • To improve processing behavior
  • Improve mechanical properties of the end application
  • Provides cost benefits
  • Good production efficiency



Ultrafine calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate (MACA), D50 below 1 micron. Produced utilizing state of the art technology to achieve steady narrow particle size distribution. It is available with or without surface treatment.

  • Highly recommended for gloss demanding applications
  • Good whiteness
  • Improved dispersibility
  • Higher loading capability

White Kaolin

Kaolin (china clay) which is chemically known as aluminum silicate. It is significant for its naturally available fine particle size and lamellar particle shape. WC range is an ultrafine powder of hydrous kaolin processed after a controlled drying process. Incorporating WC range in formulations:

  • Improves scratch and wear resistance
  • Improved mechanical properties (eg; Flexural modulus)
  • Better barrier properties

Surface Treated WCTM: has better dispersibility and act as a TiO2 extender


Talc is chemically known as hydrated magnesium silicate. It is the softest mineral on earth (Mohs hardness -1). Talc ground to fines maintaining the recommended aspect ratio provides:

  • Better processing efficiency
  • Enhanced reinforcement
  • Barrier properties
  • Reduce shrinkage and warpage
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