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Ceramic is one of the most ancient industries. LANMIC caters wide range of minerals for ceramic bodies and glazes, zirconium silicate, kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, quarts, talc, and dolomite.

The glazes which cover them are composed of minerals, mainly silicates, borates, and metallic pigments. The properties of ceramics are tightly dependent upon their raw materials, and its purity requirements are becoming increasingly stringent.


Zircon which is chemically referred as Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4) is a product from heavy mineral sand deposits. Its unique properties allow it to be used in day to day products like tiles, sanitary ware, medical implants, and high-tech industrial applications.

Chemical composition of zircon is as follows; 65-67% Zirconia and 35-33% silica and might contain a small amount of hafnium.

Zircon Flour – zircon 60 45TM

It is the product obtain by milling the zircon to a micronized level; typically, 45 microns. Zircon in formulations:

    • Improve the mechanical strength
    • Improve alkali resistance to the glass fibers
    • High scratch resistance
    • Good dielectric properties

Zircon Opacifier – Zircon 76 05TM

The primary use of zircon in ceramic industry is as an opacifier. Zircon has a high refractive index and when its finely milled it scatter the visible light giving ceramic a white, opaque, and glossy appearance.

Zircon opacifier product has a D50 ranging from 1 to 2 microns.

The fine zirconium powder is used in ceramic body to increase the whiteness or to bring out the opaque layer that hides the body color.

Zircon used in glaze improves the abrasion resistance and impose chemical inertness.

Ball Clay

Ball clay or Plastic Clay is a rare mineral. It is a sedimentary kaolinitic clay, softer than Kaolinite. More than 90% of the clay particles have a diameter less than 10 microns. BCTM provides:

  • Improved green strength
  • Good binding properties
  • Plasticity and workability


WCTM range is an ultrafine powder of hydrous kaolin processed after a controlled drying process. Incorporating WCTM or RKKTM range in ceramics and glass:

  • Improves green strength in ceramic body
  • Increase whiteness when fired
  • Provides high fusion point


Feldspar is used as a fluxing agent during the firing process of ceramic bodies. Provide strength and durability to ceramic bodies and glass.

Recommended grade:  FP 200TM


It is a natural blend of Aluminum silicate and silica. It is also used as a fluxing agent, improves strength and toughness in ceramic wear.

Recommended grades: KN 200TM and KN 450TM


Sri Lanka has high purity quarts (purity >99.8%). Quarts consisting one-part silicon and two parts oxygen, is a hard-crystalline mineral.  LANMIC use ceramic lined, state of the art machinery to grind this hard material without contamination. The product quality and consistency are assured to our customers. Quarts used in ceramic applications:

  • Improves durability
  • Improves strength and toughness

Recommended products: QT 200TM and QT 800TM

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