Bringing Hope and Joy to Niyadella Junior School

April 4, 2024




Embracing the ethos of ‘sharing is caring’, LANMIC, under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, embarked on another impactful project. Guided by the visionary leadership, the LANMIC Charity Foundation recently accomplished our biggest charity endeavor so far –construction of a playground and the pavilion investing 2.7 million, for the Niyadella Junior School and the village community. On April 3rd, 2024, with immense joy, we officially handed over the finished playground to them consisting of 4500 square meters.

This initiative marks a milestone for Niyadella, as it now boasts its very first playground, serving over seven hundred individuals. The principal of Niyadella Junior School said that this playground would ignite hope and aspirations among the students and youngsters of the community, motivating them to engage in sports and pursue excellence at local and national levels. Let us all come together to nurture and support this inspiring vision.

They extended their sincere appreciation to LANMIC top management for leading the project to a success. Also Mr. Nishantha for introducing the school to us and Mrs. Vijini for coordinating the project.

Lanmic would also like to express gratitude to the dedicated employees of LANMIC Group, whose unwavering commitment to the company’s growth which drove this project to fruition, and to all other supporters who stood by us throughout.

This project exemplifies the unwavering dedication of the LANMIC team, whose contributions have brought joy and opportunity to a deserving community. As we look ahead, we aspire to initiate many more CSR projects that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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