Lanmic – Poson Dansela 2023

June 2, 2023




Lanmic achieved yet another successful Poson Dansela on June 2, 2023, at the D2 location, marking the fourth consecutive year of this event. This time, all four locations collaborated closely to ensure its success, with both the management and staff contributing their efforts, both physically and financially.

The preparations took place at the D2 canteen, where an impressive 50kgs of Sego were used to prepare the delicious porridge. The event was truly exciting as it provided an opportunity to serve approximately 2500 people from the Seethawaka Zone. The level of participation and support received from the attendees exceeded expectations, leaving a strong impression on the organizers.

The overwhelming success of the event has further inspired Lanmic to continue organizing such gatherings in the future. The Poson Dansela has become a cherished tradition that not only brings people together but also serves as a means to give back to the community.

Congratulations to Lanmic and everyone involved for their dedication and hard work in orchestrating such a memorable event. May the future endeavors be filled with even.


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